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Jhordan Sa Asuncion


Bday : April 1, 1985



lipa city, batangas


Status :

========================================================= PROFILE ========================================================= ??Name: JHORDAN S. ASUNCION ??Age: 22 ??Sex: Male ??Height: 5\'8\" ??Weight: 120lbs ??Build: Slender ??Eye Color: Brown ??Hair Color: Black ??Hair Length: short ??Ethnicity: Asian ??Sexual Preference: Straight ??Fantasies: It`s my little secret :) ??Clothes: I usually wear things like t-shirts and jeans, or those loose pants. I have a lot of bling-bling that I love. A little bit\' rockista and gangsta..what ever!! Sandoz and short durring summer.. ??Relationship: Don\'t have a girlfrend. I think she\'ll come along one day, and I\'ll know she\'s right. Someone who will love me and accept me as what I\'am. *twitch* ??Self-Image: hOOLLA!!! am Jhordan, a very open person, expect me to tell you everyting bout my life. Im a frendly easy to deal with person,im hyper en energetic. I really don\'t care if ya\' don\'t lyk me or hate me, you just can\'t please anyone dis days.*grin* I dont hate, as in ndi aco maalam magalit, i believe it will consume my heart.*wink*. I love music en I olways smile en laugh tho\' its just a little thing. I love party ang hangout.I\'ve made it a habit na if am going out to hangout with my kadas iir in lipa area not to comb my hair(tamad)!!. I enjoy burping after a good can of soda.LOLs. I work now for my dad though its a small family business and I do for a living or shopping, money. I own a 9mm beretta, a gift from my dad which I will soon register on my name. I cook and still practicing, cuz i like to eat. My favorite asian treat is tikoy. Its my routine to go online everyday and read some comments and message from friends.

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