"Ang batang makulet pinapalo sa pwet. " - Misho
"I do not teach you how to fight, but I teach you how to win." - Oenemaus
"How far can we go if we row on different direction?" - RCBC
"Better late than never. " - DJ Arnel
"It is better be a chicken's head than a bull's tail." - Chinese Proverbs
""If you’re a giver, find another giver to love. Because if you’re a giver, likely you’ve loved a lot of takers, which hurts. So find someone who values generosity as much as you do. Who loves to give because it’s their nature, not their pathology. Just like it’s your nature too."" - FB PAGE
"Ayaw maligo... batuhin ng tabo." - Moshi
"Walang matinong kumpare sa malanding kumare. " - Monumento Jeep
""The EYES is a door way of our HEART...the place where we reside"" - Unknown