YTTERS V2 Website which was displayed during 2003-2007. I've put it in here just to revive the memoirs of our good old chatting days.

YTTERS Renovation

As of now, YTTERS is refactoring all of its code to the latest Laravel technology. This means more upcoming features, more innovative and more surprises awaits!

Perhaps one of the site favorite is the YTTERS MP3 which contains 2,000+ streaming mp3. Of course, we do care for our bandwidth that's why the quality is enough only for personal use.

For 15 years, we do survive. Sad to say but Friendster, Yahoo Chatroom, and many others have goneby but we still here. Alive, kicking and riding with the latest trend. YTTERS Founder, Arnel Milan

Y-TTERS is a filipino based group that enhanced the filipino culture of friendship, trust and relationships. Times passby and we've proven our record by visiting and consulting our members. Most of them preffered to stay even if the yahoo chat world is already gone.

Every YTTERS Member knows this section and we cannot deny that this is why we became famous. The contents inside is a flavor of different internet tools and softwares that is suitable for every chatters.

Y-TTERS offers a wide range of products and services for free. This is a non-profit group and if you want to help or support, rest assured that your donation will be part of our growing population.

TAPZ wala lng.......hehe la na po ba bagong booters .......idol ko ung evil v.1 ang lakas hehe........ plug na rin ako..... paki silip >>> hehe thx
YTTERS_OTEP kuya nel, nag text na ba sayo yung nakausap ko na bibili ng ytters cd, sabi ko kasi eh i txt ka nya! confirm mo na lang kung natanggap mo text nya. thanks !
ANNE hello mga cute nah ytters!!!!!sli me muse heheheheeh....(jowke jowke jowke)uy kita kitz nlng tyo s anniv.......bye
THIN2 hi there
MCDIZE okies nah pede na ulit heheheh yngtz nlng kayo palagi mga kapamilya -=Mc.dize=- is back hehehehe
JHUN waw danda ng site natin huh bago na ulit ngaun nlng ulit ako navisit d2 ehhh astig tlga kuya nel\/
KIKO YOUR MESSAGE HERE hello ang ganda site nito ahh
KIKO halu halu
KENNETH ARNEL di kita matagpuan mag kaiba kasi oras natin netherlander hahha.. may importante kasi ako sasabhin sana sau

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